Fall 2016 Grants

  • SEF is proud to have approved 40 grants totaling over $449,000 in December 2016. Thanks to all the teachers and administrators who submitted grants to bring new ideas into our schools! Grant highlights from the fall include:

    Family Science, Math, and Technology Nights at all five Elementary Schools
    SEF will fund a series of family evening sessions at the elementary schools designed to provide hands-on, activity-oriented, problem solving situations in the areas of science, math, and technology.

    Dan Gutman author visit to all five elementary schools
    This grant will enable popular author/illustrator Dan Gutman to visit each of Summit’s five elementary schools.

    Mobile Desks at Brayton School
    SEF will fund the purchase of 24 mobile desks and chairs that support collaborative learning for a 4th grade classroom.

    Story Pirates at Lincoln-Hubbard School
    This grant funds a series of in-class writing workshops lead by the Story Pirates for the 2nd and 3rd grade.

    Mosaic project materials at Franklin School
    SEF will fund the needed materials for Franklin’s mosaic project with award-winning mosaic artist Joshua Winer.

    Standing desks at Jefferson School
    SEF will fund the purchase of 12 standing desks and stools providing a variety of seating options for the 4th grade and resource room.

    Culturally Relevant Library at Washington School
    SEF will fund the purchase of 140 culturally diverse books that provide relatable characters from different cultures, races, and backgrounds for the 4th grade.

    After school study skills program at LCJSMS
    This grant will fund the creation of an after-school study skills program for a targeted group of 6th and 7th grade students focusing on homework, organizational and study skills, and long term planning.

    Model United Nations Club at LCJSMS
    SEF will provide funding to enable the new Model United Nations Club to attend the Model UN Conference at St. John’s University.

    Collaborative Digital Library at SHS
    This grant provides for the purchase of 6 flat screen TVs mounted on portable carts that integrate with student Chromebooks and enable collaborative group projects in the library throughout the school day.

    “Shakespeare All Day” performance at SHS
    SEF will provide funding for a Shakespeare LIVE! performance of Julius Caesar for 9th graders, as well a series of workshops focusing on textual analysis, dramatic speaking, and theatrical techniques.

    Summit City School District Greenhouse
    Over a two-year period, SEF will provide funding for the structure, equipment and curriculum for the innovative Summit District Greenhouse project.