Spring 2015 Grant Highlights

SEF is proud to have distributed over $489,000 this spring cycle.  Thanks to all the teachers and administrators who submitted grants to bring new ideas into our schools!  The top grant highlights include:
Battle of the Books at Lincoln-Hubbard and Washington
SEF will fund books for this reading motivation program where elementary school teams 'battle' one another to correctly answer questions based on texts.  The program is aligned with the Common Core standards and emphasizes close reading for details.
Beginning Programming with Bee Bots at Franklin
This grant will introduce age appropriate coding for first and second grade students during Library time.  Bee Bots are small objects that students learn to move and manipulate using basic coding skills and the Logo computer language. 
Playaways at all Elementary Schools
Playaways allow students to listen to books while reading along with the texts and enable them to access books that are above their reading level and participate in group discussions for richer reading experiences.
Classical Music at Franklin
This is an expansion of an earlier grant to put classical music in each classroom. 
Coding Club at LCJSMS
This new club will meet after school to teach block coding to interested students. 
Computer Programming Club at SHS
The first formal Computer Programming Club at the high school will focus on creating computer games and will be open to all students who have completed Intro to Java. 
Chromebook Initiative at SHS
This multi-year grant will enable the high school to furnish Chromebooks for the entire student body, incorporating cloud computing into all aspects of the curriculum.