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    SEF's mission is to maintain and enhance the high quality of a Summit, New Jersey public school education through community funding of innovative and essential educational programs, a close working relationship with the school district, and careful review, evaluation and financial oversight of supported initiatives.
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    SEF Awards Fall 2020 Grants

    The Summit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce our grant awards for the 2020 fall grant cycle. With generous support from our member families, the Foundation was able to approve funding for 19 grants across the school district of $102,804.  These grants, submitted by teachers and administrators, benefit our students at our nine schools and support the district's 2020-21 goals.  These goals include providing global, culturally-inclusive instructional programming; improving student performance in Math and English Language Arts; and cultivating a love of learning through innovative teaching practices. Click here to read more about grants coming to you school or here to see a full list of awarded grants. 



    SEF has made a difference for Summit Public Schools during the start of the 2020-21 school year!  We are so happy to hear how our approval of emergency grants is impacting hybrid instruction.  Click here to see the letter SEF received from the Summit Board of Education.




    Between March and September 2020, SEF approved nine emergency grants totaling $95,063 ($23k in the Spring and Summer and $72k in September). These grants provided financial support for online learning programs (Learning Ally, Gizmo, Membean, Formative, and Parlay), state-of-the-art equipment for teachers (Amplification Systems and Document Cameras), resources to support FLASH At-Home, as well as a SNAP grant to provide creative activities designed to enhance reading, writing and problem solving skills for at-risk students in grades 1 through 5. Click here to see further detail on approved COVID-19 Grants or here to see a full list of awarded grants.




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