• Walking the Halls of Washington's History

    The pictures below highlight Washington School's Centennial Mural, which was painted in December 2012 over the course of three weeks.  Principal Lauren Banker explains, "The Centennial Mural project gave each student the opportunity to participate in literally leaving their mark on Washington School.  Students loved the experience of painting our history on the walls and they continue to take pride in their accomplishment each and every time they walk through the hallway."  Muralist Caren Frost Olmsted, who works for the Arts Council of Morris County, designed the mural based on historical research conducted by a committee of parent volunteers.  More than 80 parents, most staff members and every student took part in painting the mural.  The 125-foot mural, on the walls of the library corridor, is made up of 10 panels each of which depict a scene from each of Washington School's ten decades.  The mural was made possible by grants and donations from SEF, Target, Benjamin Moore, and the school's PTO.
    Did your child take part in the painting?  Have you seen the murals first hand?  We would love to hear what you think.
    Here's what we have heard from the Washington School community! 
    "The Centennial Mural Project was such a unique and special program.  I had the opportunity to work on this project from start to finish, and it was a remarkable journey.  It was wonderful to be able to see the creative process and talent of the muralist, Caren Frost Olmsted, as she brought color to the library corridor with her ideas, drawings, and the use of actual photographs from Washington's archives. The photos are incredible and they really connect Washington School's past to the present.  Actually getting to paint the mural was so fun, but I feel the enthusiasm of the students was and still is the most exciting part of the mural.  The kids really couldn't wait for their chance to paint on the walls of Washington.  I love hearing their comments as they walk up and down the corridor.  Each one excited about what they had personally painted, and how awesome the mural is and what it means to them. The Centennial Mural was really a beautiful gift in celebration of Washington's 100th Birthday."--Marianne Garibaldi, PTO Cultural Arts Co-Chairperson

    “Getting to work side by side with Mrs. O on this collaborative mural for Washington School was such an amazing experience. It was so rewarding as an art teacher seeing the development of the mural from class to class. I think that every student at Washington School is blessed to have been given this amazing opportunity to participate in something that is so special.”-- Miss Bass, Washington School art teacher
    “I think it was a great gift to Washington School for the 100 year anniversary. I enjoyed working on it.”--David Lombardi, student
    “I think that it is really special for our school because everyone got to work on it and it really represents our school and how we all work together.”--Hanna Lee, student

    “It was really fun working with our other classmates on the same art piece. I learned a lot about what Washington School looked like back then.”--Daniel Kohaut, student

    “Working on the mural was very fun and it was nice to work on an art piece that is something a little different then every day art."--Lilly Waldron, student

    “It is nice to know that we made such a beautiful piece of art by ourselves. It is a great birthday present for Washington School.”--Krista Ann Clapp, student

    “It was a very interesting experience because it gave our school more appeal to people to who walk through the hallways, and hopefully it will make people smile with they walk to library.”--Trevor Crane, student