• Author Visit Inspires Young Readers

    Dan Gutman's visit was made possible through an SEF grant submitted by Patty Natale, Jefferson School Library Media Specialist. The purpose of the visit was to enrich the students' reading and writing literacy and inspire lifelong readers and writers. Dan Gutman talked to students about the writing process.  Interestingly, Dan was not a reader as a child.  As a result, he writes for children who do not like to read in the hopes of sparking an interest in literature and encouraging reading.

    "I learned how to write a great book and to start and end with a bang." 
    Aryel, 5th grade student
    "He taught us pride, determination and to never give up on dreams." 
    Trey, 4th grade student
    "As a teacher, I was absolutely thrilled when he spoke about having to revise and edit the book he thought was perfect already.  A couple of times when he spoke about his writing process, having to plan and then having to change things because of his editors, half my class did a "turn your head and look at Ms. Knecht" as they recognized some of the things we talked about and did in writing all year.  Seeing the, "Wow, that's just what my teacher said!" looks on their faces was priceless.Ms. Knecht, 3rd grade teacher

    "The Dan Gutman visit was great! His presentation was engaging to both students and adults. It was great to see how personable Dan was during the Q & A portion of his time with us." Mr. Hannis, 4th grade teacher 
    "Dan Gutman's visit was such a treat! His presentation showing, in very personal terms, an actual "Day in the Life of an Author" made a very real connection with the audience. High standards, organization and steady, focused work are clearly the mixture that led to this success." Mrs. Monti, ESL teacher
    "First, I didn't know his books, and I read one, and I loved it so much!" Tommy, 2nd grade student