• Inspiring Students With Her Life Story

    All Elementary schools were abuzz as students sat riveted listening to the life stories of famed children's author Patricia Polacco.  Many schools decorated for the event.  The halls of Franklin elementary were decorated with Polacco's book covers as well as questions from the students. A large banner welcomed her to the school. The students were struck by stories of her youth and how tales of her family are woven throughout her books.  
    "She talked a lot about her background and her family.  I liked the stories of her grandma." --Marrin Darcy, Franklin 3rd grader. 
    "She told us a lot about herself, her family and their traditions." --Jeanne Joublin, Franklin 3rd grader.
    "She inspired me as a teacher and her skill as a phenomenal story teller allowed the kids to relate to her family stories.  We were all in awe of her!" --Mrs. Egan, LH 2nd grade teacher.