• STEAM Heats Up Imagination at 2nd Annual Carnival

    Melting gallium rods, mysterious bubbling liquids and teetering superstructures captivated audiences at Saturday, October 15th’s Second Annual STEAM Carnival. Funded by an SEF grant and hosted by Jefferson School, the carnival had over 400 visitors marveling at its many interactive exhibits. The brainchild of Nicole Plumbo Gutierrez, a teacher at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School, and Michelle Hawley, the Elementary Instructional Facilitator, the carnival exposed K-5 students to science and engineering design challenges and promoted STEAM thinking and creativity. Some of the exhibits included a Giant Jenga game, Google Cardboard 3D Glasses, and Golf Swing Analysis. This year, the carnival also included presentations by representatives from Liberty Science Center and Arithmetickles.