• Breakout EDU
  • Creative Teaching through “Breakout EDU”

    A 2016 grant to the Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School enabled the purchase of Breakout EDU, the educational version of the popular "Escape the Room" experience. Breakout EDU centers around “a box that has been locked” with multiple and different locks including directional locks, word locks, and number locks. Students work together to find and use clues to solve puzzles to unlock locks.

    Using the Breakout EDU kit, LCJSMS teacher Ms. Danielle DeGraw created "DEA Final Mission" as a review for her Drug Education unit in the 7th grade health class. Students had to use puzzles and clues around the room to uncover the locks that opened the Breakout EDU box. Using a UV flashlight and the knowledge they learned in the course, the students were able to crack open the box at the last minute possible. The students absolutely loved the activity and were constantly engaged. It was a great unconventional review process that Ms. DeGraw plans to use again in the future. 

    Caption: 7th grade health students work together using a blacklight flashlight to find a code at the crime scene during the "DEA Final Mission"