• An SEF grant recently funded the Touchmath program at Lincoln- Hubbard school.  It is currently being implemented in one 1st grade classroom as well as in the Basic Skills classes for grades 1 and 2.   In addition, it's also being used in the resource room 4 days a week.  Touchmath  is a multi sensory math program that complements the Go Math program being taught in grades 1 and 2.  It makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible to those who struggle to understand grade level content because Math becomes hands on in this program.  Resource room teacher Allison Ahern says, "I really like the kinesthetic aspect of this program. The students touch and count all the touchpoint manipulatives which along with the posters and paper-pencil activities results in multi- sensory learning.”   

    Touchmath requires the students to engage all their senses by seeing, saying, touching and hearing to reenforce their understanding.  Touchmath helps students with all aspects of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The classroom posters show the numbers 0-9 with touchpoints.  They help the students with touching and counting patterns and number values.  There is also software for extra tutoring and additional different classroom aids with Touchmath.