• Amplifying Knowledge

    Franklin second grade teacher Ms. Albanese reads Clementine to her class with her new Juno Amplification System from a recent SEF grant. The children are captivated - it is hard not to be – Ms. Albanese’s voice is clear and crisp. The room fills with warmth of story time.  

    At the end of the page Ms. Albanese asks the kids to break into their groups and come up with some personality traits for Clementine. The children quickly begin brainstorming, all eager to use the microphone to present and share.

    “I absolutely love my amplification system.  I believe that it creates a much more engaging, clearly structured and delivered classroom environment for students.  I can change the volume and mute with ease, switching from whole group conversation and teaching to more personal conversations.  Multi-stepped directions are much more quickly processed as kids can clearly hear what is expected of them and the crispness of the directions helps in their processing. Read alouds become much more engaging as you can fluctuate tone, volume and pitch of your voice with much more flair and drama, helping to bring a story to life!  The kids love using the microphone, as well, and knowing their statements will be amplified, they put much more thought into what they say into the microphone.  It is an effective tool to help support their presentation skills.  I think any classroom would benefit from an amplification system to help support student learning as well as ease of delivery of instruction.”