• The 5th grade teachers at Franklin Elementary collaborated with Reeves Reed Arboretum. Althea Llewellyn from the Arboretum is in the garden weekly working with the children teaching the kids how to care for the garden & all about the growing process.  The project began in early April when the 5th grade took a field trip Field trip to the arboretum to learn about square foot gardening and to sow seeds in green house.  The students then transferred seedlings from arboretum into the garden.  They even got to sow some seeds, such as beets & marigolds, directly into the soil.  The most exciting part is that everything is thriving!  The radishes are currently showing their red shoulders, which elicited yelps of excitement from the students.  At the end of the school year the chef from The Summit House will come and help the kids harvest the vegetables and flowers they have grown and make a salad they can all share.  
    Miss Klaif, a fifth grade teacher, told us that “For the past few weeks and for the rest of the school year, we work very closely with Arboretum to create lessons aligned with our curriculum and keep our students engaged when we are outside in the garden. A typical day outside in the garden consists of 3 activities: a read aloud to make a literary connection, an activity to experiment with different seeds and observation/gardening time inside the actual garden. Our students have been LOVING these class periods outside.”