Folk Songbook
  • The Franklin School Library and Music program are the excited recipients of SEF grant funding that has allowed them to order for the school “Folk Song Picture Books” to be shared with the students.

    The Folk Song Picture books blend a love of reading with a love of learning music. Both Loreli Stochaj, the Franklin School Librarian and Diane Silvester, the Music teacher are utilizing these books with the students in both areas of study, in order to blend a love of reading with a love of music.

    According to Ms. Silvester, “These stories or "song tales" are wonderful folk songs which I first teach to the students without the book.  After the students know, and are comfortable with the song we can compare the students vision with the illustrators vision.  What a wonderful opportunity the children have to now take these song tales home, share them with their families, talk about them and make connections.  With the available MP3 of each song, it will continue to reinforce their vocal development at home!

    Ms. Stochaj agrees – “Having picture books of the songs learned in music class available in the library gives all students the opportunity to share what they have learned with their families while also enjoying beautiful songbooks. In the library, we are displaying the songbooks along with related titles in hope that our students will make even more connections.”