Hamilton Drummer
  • Drummer Andres Forero, from the Broadway hit “Hamilton”, shared his talent and experiences with Summit High School students yesterday, April 25, thanks to a Summit Educational Foundation grant written by music teacher Alex Bocchino.  Forero, one of the most talented and respected drummers in the world, played excerpts from Hamilton and In the Heights, as well as a piece entitled "Toshiko" from an album he recorded with other artists.  In between, Forero shared inspiring stories of performing on Broadway and recording with world-class artists.  He also spent a lot of time answering student questions about everything from how long he practiced before performing in Hamilton to how he promotes himself as an artist.  Forero told the students, “The most important thing is to carry yourself in a great way.  To be a good person.  Be passionate.  Be kind.  Be great.”

    The hour and a half session took place in the SHS auditorium and was open to all students.  Students came and went as their class schedules permitted and over 150 students enjoyed all or some of Forero’s session.