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    Summit High School Science Research Strand
    Dr. Greene and science research student review data collected and progress made on project. 
    Are you a professional in the science, medical, engineering, or research fields? 
    Become a mentor to a student in the program. 
    "I recently attended a workshop with 24 other AP biology teachers from around the country. Many of them are working with few resources and small budgets.  Thanks to my SEF grant, I have ordered everything I need to teach the revised version of AP biology. Talking to other teachers from other districts and states really makes me appreciate SEF even more than I already did. Thank you SEF for everything you have done for me, my students, and the other very lucky teachers in Summit."--Cynthia Vitale, SHS science teacher
    "Science Research allows students to pursue and learn more about topics that interest them, and eventually follow the researching procedure to create a project that can be shared.  Personally, science research gave me a greater interest in engineering and convinced me to apply to apply to the Governor's School of Engineering and Technology, which I was accepted to and loved."--Tasha Kewalramani, SHS 12th grader
    LCJSMS 8th Grade Cycle Classes
    8th graders in Today's Talk (one of the new 8th grade cycle classes) filming their broadcast at the SHS TV Studio. 
    "The new cycle courses are challenging because they force students to be more independent, work collaboratively, and use real-world tools, all of which they will need for their future lives and careers." --Mrs. Dory Marcus, Digital Newsroom Teacher
    "I really enjoy picking cycles because I can pick the ones that might best help me in the future.  I think the new classes are better because you are in an environment where people want to learn what you are learning, and you can really relate to them." --Stephanie Chaves, LCJSMS 8th Grader  
    SEF provided needed resources to redesign LCJSMS eighth grade cycle program.  As a result of the grant, all eighth grade cycle courses became problem-based courses that reflected students' interests, and incorporated hands-on activities. Additionally, for the first time at the Middle School, eighth graders are able to have input into their eighth grade schedule, and play a role in choosing two of their four cycle classes. The grant also expanded cycle courses from 30 days to 45 days, giving students a much more complete educational experience. 

    Jefferson Extended Enrichment Program (JEEP)
    Jeep Boys
    "JEEP is fun and amazing.  I love going to JEEP!"  Two students enjoy hands on science learning. 
    “Students often extend the learning outside of school, have developed confidence within the regular classroom environment, and show a newfound love of learning. Students not involved with the program keep asking how they can ‘join!’” --Jackie Campagna, Stephanie Gleason, Janet Warbeck, JEEP Teachers


    JEEP is an after school program that was developed to boost skills in reading, writing, math, science and social studies through project based activities.  Thirty students grades 2-5 attend the program four days a week.  The program incorporates presenters and field trips into the various themes to reinforce learning experiences.
    Family Math Night at all Elementary Schools
    family math
     "I had to teach my Mom and Dad how to do one of the games.  They learned something new and it was fun to be all together." --LH 4th grader
    "Family math is a time for parents and their students to work together and enjoy math enrichment activities.  Over the years, It has been great to see the families work together to figure out the tricky math problems."--Mrs. Ahern, LH teacher and Family Math Night leader
    Family Math night is one of the longest, running SEF grants.  This grant that reaches all elementary schools and their families brings students and parents together for a lively night of fun and learning. SEF also funds Family Science and Family Technology nights at all elementary schools throughout the district.  
    Family Math night was recently held at Jefferson Elementary.  Check it out
    Brayton Bookmaking 
    Matthew Clark, Brayton 2nd grader, enjoyed the bookmaking curriculum.  "It really pops up the story!" 
    "Bookmaking provides opportunities for children to bring an added dimension to their stories and research.  It's exciting to watch children work on both individual and group projects that bring their ideas to life.  It seems very simple but it's wonderful to see a student have pride in creating a book with their own hands and share it with others."--Eleanor Wang, 2nd grade Brayton teacher
    "It was challenging.  Once it was done, it looked nice.  It was worth it."--Charlie Hynes, Brayton 2nd grader
    SEF provided funds to purchase two titles, Handmade Books for a Heathly Planet and Literacy Through Book Arts, and craft materials to support bookmaking in all second grade classrooms at Brayton.  Over 75 childrenI enjoyed taking their writing to an artistic level.