Grant Process FAQs

    Have a question?  Maybe the answer is below.  If not, contact your school's SEF liaison.
    Who May Apply for a Grant?
    Grant proposals are welcome from any Summit Public School staff member.  Grants are also welcome from parents, Summit organizations or town residents who are working with a Summit Public School staff member.  SEF has awarded grants to teachers, administrators, specialists, curriculum supervisors, counselors, Summit organizations, parents, and town residents. SEF also encourages collaboration across schools, grades, and departments.
    What will be Funded?
    SEF welcomes innovative proposals.  Small-scale projects with the potential to be expanded to other schools and/or grade levels will be considered as carefully as larger ones.  Grants may be made for new or experimental methods of teaching and learning.  It is the hope that successful grants will find permanent funding from the Board of Education or other sources.  In general, projects should:
    • Enhance the academic program, guidance and counseling function, and/or the curriculum or staff development.
    • Enrich, not duplicate or replace, the current curriculum and educational structure of the Summit Public Schools.  For SEF to consider funding a project dropped by the Board of Education, the applicant must have rethought, updated and/or revamped it.
    • Reflect the goals of the Summit Board of Education and must have the support of a building supervisor and appropriate curriculum personnel.
    • Include metrics to measure project success. 
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    What will not be Funded?
    SEF will not fund:
    • Grants without the approval of the Summit Board of Education.
    • Teacher grants that replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding of school programs, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance.
    • More than the amount the Board of Education pays for curriculum development when requests are made for a stipend for a teacher's or parent's time.
    • Substitute teachers.
    • Consumable items (i.e. school supplies)
    • Teacher travel or education unless the Board of Education would traditionally pay for these expenses. 
    What is the Format for a Grant Proposal?
    The grant proposal is submitted through our online application form.  All the points should be clearly addressed on the completed online form.  SEF requests that applications be for specific and developed programs.  For example, list specific materials and outline lesson plans relating to these materials. 
    What are the Tips for Writing a Good Grant Proposal?
    Some things to keep in mind when you are writing your proposal:
    • Thoroughly develop your project, ensuring that it enhances the current public school curriculum.  
    • Explain how your proposal introduces an innovative approach to the curriculum and/or exemplifies excellence in teaching.  Include a need or rationale for the grant.
    • Contact your school's representative to discuss the feasibility of an idea for a grant several weeks before the deadline.  Your liaison can help further your idea.  Click here for a list of school representatives.
    • Include detailed and specific work plans/lessons.
    • Discuss your proposal idea with your principal and/or curriculum supervisor first.  If the project is technology related, discuss with the district's technology supervisor before proceeding.
    • When developing your budget, make sure it is detailed and comprehensive.  Critical element of the proposal.  Please note that once a grant is awarded, the amount cannot be increased to incorporate other items.  Any other funding that may be available for the grant, should be noted.
    • Attach brochures, flyers, resumes of potential speakers, websites, and any other descriptive materials that relate to your grant.
    • Obtain support from all teachers and staff who will be involved in your grant.
    • If you are a community member writing a grant, you must partner with a district staff member and submit the proposal together.
    • Check out grants that have received funding to understand whether similar ideas have been implemented. Click here for grants awarded in prior years.
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    Will SEF Renew a Previously Approved Grant?
    Grants will not automatically be renewed but must be resubmitted and competitively reviewed each grant period.  If a grantee reapplies for a project that SEF already funded, he/she must include a completed SEF evaluation.
    When are Applications Due and How Should They Be Sent In?
    The deadline for the fall cycle is October 15th.  The deadline for the spring cycle is March 15th.  Any application received after the deadline will be held for the next grant cycle.  Completed proposals must be submitted through our online application portal by the deadline date. Any addendum to the application that cannot be attached to the online application can be mailed to Summit Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 268, Summit, NJ  07902.
    Please email us at sefnjgrants@gmail.com with any questions or feedback that you may have regarding the online application process.