• SEF is proud to have approved 44 grants totaling over $186,000 in May 2017. Thanks to all the teachers and administrators who submitted grants to bring new ideas into our schools! Grant highlights from the spring include:

    Physical Education Partnership Plan throughout the District 
    SEF will fund this partnership between William Patterson University and the Summit Public Schools to provide 14 days of professional development to help enhance our current program.

    STEAM Carnival for all elementary school students
    SEF will provide funding for the district’s third annual STEAM carnival, which will be held in the spring of 2018. This successful event exposes students to science and engineering design challenges.

    American Boychoir visit to all five elementary schools
    This grant will enable each elementary school to have an assembly program featuring the American Boychoir.  Each program will end with a song shared with the choir and each elementary school’s 5th grade select chorus.

    Interchange Diamond desks at Brayton School 
    SEF will fund the purchase of 24 mobile desks and chairs that support collaborative and flexible learning for a 5th grade classroom.

    Touch Points multisensory math program at Lincoln-Hubbard School
    SEF will fund the purchase of this multisensory math program, as a supplement to the Go Math program, to help those struggling with grade-level content.

    Outdoor Learning Garden at Franklin School 
    SEF’s funding will support the creation of a garden that will serve as outdoor classroom for all students and teachers at the school.

    Little STEAMers afterschool program at Jefferson School
    This grant will fund the continuation of an after-school program for a targeted group of 2nd and 3rd grade girls to work on projects in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

    Node chairs at Washington School
    SEF will fund the purchase of 24 Node chairs to promote student independence and collaboration for a 5th grade classroom.

    Redesigned health classroom at LCJSMS
    This grant will fund the redesign of the health classroom to feature various seating options and an adaptable configuration.

    Peer Leadership Program at SHS
    SEF will provide funding for the second year of this program.  Up to 40 juniors and seniors will serve as Peer Leaders and role models for elementary, middle and high school students across the district. Peer Leaders will be facilitators of character development programs at elementary schools, transition workshops at the middle school, and mentorship groups for new students at the high school.  

    Life-sized mannequins at SHS
    This grant provides for the purchase of three life-sized mannequins to be used in art classes for figure drawing and painting.

    Breakout EDU kits at SHS
    SEF will provide funding for the purchase and development of a Breakout EDU program to correspond with the 9th grade World History class.