• Endowment Fund Donors

    The SEF Endowment Fund, launched in 2010, is a permanent, multi-million dollar endowment created to ensure excellence in the Summit public schools.
 The Endowment Fund’s principal is maintained in perpetuity, while a portion of the return on investment supports strategic grants to the Summit schools. As the SEF Endowment continues to grow through new donations and investment performance, it has become an important resource for the District to enhance its educational programs and develop new curriculum initiatives. 
    To learn more about the Endowment or how to become a stakeholder, please contact our Development Chair.  Click here to see our Committee chairs.

    SEF would like to thank the following donors who have made gifts to the SEF Endowment Fund (Inception through June 30, 2020):


    Jeff and Maureen Alvidrez   Alberto Lopez-Silvero and Estelle Fournier
    Paul and Charlotte Bashforth   Richard and Kristin Lumelleau
    Gene and Lori Bebout   John and Catherine Lyness
    Beechwood Title   Charles and Rona Machlin
    Joe and Lisa Berkery   Malcolm and Betsy Macpherson
    Luke and Annette Beshar   Richard Madden
    James and Judith Birle   Walter and Danielle Maloney
    Christopher and Susan Birosak   Rob and Betsy Mark
    John and Nicole Blomfield   Jonathan and Kristy Maslin
    Karen and Stephen Bowman   Gregory and Tonia Mayes
    Kieran and Stephanie Brady   John and Amy McCarthy
    Kathleen Branchflower   Edward McGann and Rachel Weinberger
    Robert and Kimberly Bredahl   Steven and Lisa Meyers
    Thomas and Anne Britt   Dean and Lee Ann Miller
    Dennis and Ann Bushe   Edgar and Mary Mokuvos
    AJ and Susan Cass   Robert Moriarty
    Yon and Francie Cho   Paul and Heidi Morton
    Samuel and Laura Coburn   Paul and Irene Murdock
    John and Kathryn Colao   Stephen and Jane Murphy
    Cooperative Nursery Center   Keith and Lisa Murray
    James Cramer   Brian and Christine Murray
    Michael and Patty Crowl   Jeffrey Naiman and Marjorie Fox
    Mark and Amy D'Andrea   Herb and Nicolette Noss
    Emmett and Regina Daly   David and Shari Nyman
    Robert Densen   Matthew and Stacy O'Connor
    Mark Densen   Thomas and Laura O'Rourke
    David Dietze and Claire Toth   Gage and Stacey Olcott
    Vince and Cindy DiMassimo   David and Lisa Ophel
    Carmine and Amy DiSibio   Peter and Lauren Pardo
    Gerard and Eleanor Doyle   Leo and Jennifer Paytas
    Steven and Nancy Elia   Frank and Maura Perier
    James and Sarah Engle   Nuris Portuondo
    Margaret Erwin   Howard and Rita Radest
    William and Barbara Evans   Rob and Nora Radest
    Bernard and Regina Feeney   James and Kimberly Reynolds
    Daniel and Allison Fitzpatrick   Joseph and Gail Riela
    Robert and Linda Flanagan   Paul Rissman and Donna Conforti
    Steve and Amanda Ford   John Robb
    Paul Formichelli and Carolyn Kiley   Scott and Diana Sajer
    Michael and Elizabeth Girouard   Norman and Karen Sanyour
    Jeffrey and Lisa Giroux   Sarah and Paul Densen Charitable Foundation
    Steve and Amanda Greenblatt   Jeffrey and Laura Schaffer
    Neil and Lesley Greenstein   Phil Schluter and Julie Kimmel
    John and Leah Griffith   David Shanker and Mary Coughlin
    Craig and Marcia Grosswald   Alex and Anna Shapiro
    William and Laura Gump   Lee Shavel and Kelly Deere
    Frank and Betse Gump   SHS 1964 Reunion
    Terry Haggerty and Sharon French   Andrew and Lin Sigler
    Daniel and Christine Hanson   Roger Smith and Patty Schneider
    Scott and Christine Hayward   Vincent and Diane Sottile
    Jesse Hermann and Julie Keenan   Frank and Krista Speno
    Jonathan and Sheila Herr   Paula Stein
    Karl and Sherelyn Hersch   Nick Stephens
    Hillsdale Fund   Jerry and Lynne Strabley
    Jon and Tijana Hitchon   Summit Area Community School
    Stuart and Ellen Hochberger   Stephen and Rosalie Szynal
    John and Jennifer Hodges   The E. A. Moos Foundation
    David and Lori Ingerman   Stephen and Kathleen Theriot
    Jason and Jennifer Isralowitz   Jim and Lisa Toffey
    Raymond and Terry Jacobs   Claire Toth and David Dietze
    Chris and Virginia Jordan   Bill and Mary Lee Trousdale
    Matthew and Kimberly Kaplan   Daniel and Beth Tulloch
    Jeffrey Kaufman and Nancy Gorman   T.J. and Nicole Vigliotta
    Thomas and Tracy Keegan   Christopher and Jean Marie Volpe
    Michael and Jamie Kessel   Rick and Lauren Weiss
    John and Amy Kovar   Isaac and Stephanie Welsh
    Eric and Ellen LeGoff   William and Lori White
    Al and Lori Leiter   Jim and Janet Woods
    Tony and Diane Lembke   Stuart and Mary Yarbrough
    Amy Liss   Mark and Katie Yeager
    Bill and Beth Little   George and Elizabeth Zobitz