• Grants specifically funded to help with on-line learning during the Covid-19 epidemic:

    Wireless Microphones for the District

    iPevo Document Cameras for the District

    Summer SNAP

    ESL and Basic Skills summer program for first and second grade students from Washington, Franklin and Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary Schools.

    Flash At-Home Summer Program

    Two steam classes and funding for teacher supplies for all the FLASH classes as it moved its programming on-line.

    Learning Ally Program

    An on-line tool that gives teachers access to a variety of reading materials, including audio books, specifically designed to bridge the reading gap for struggling readers with learning differences, including dyslexia for all students in the district.

    Membean Subscription 

    An online program with an individualized, targeted vocabulary development tool for all Middle School students.

    Gizmo Subscription

    An online program that allows teachers and students to simulate complex curricular topics in math and science classes at the High School. See more about SEF's partnership with BMS to fund this grant.

    Formative Subscription

    An online assessment platform that brings virtual assignments to life by providing a variety of unique question and answer tools for High School students.

    Parlay Subscription

    An online tool that supports rich, meaningful, and inclusive discussions, helping to develop critical thinking and written communication skills for Middle School and High School students.

    NoRedIInk: Enhanced Grammar and Writing Tool

    An online tool to provide structured grammar and writing activities in a virtual/hybrid learning environment.


    Click here to see details of the 10 grants awarded in Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, totaling $95,813.