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    SEF's mission is to maintain and enhance the high quality of a Summit, New Jersey public school education through community funding of innovative and essential educational programs, a close working relationship with the school district, and careful review, evaluation and financial oversight of supported initiatives.
  • SEF Spring For Excellence 2020

  • We love the excitement at LCJSMS over the new grants to come and are so excited to see the exciting news shared with the students’ families in their February newsletter.  Click here to learn more!

  • Wilson Primary Center Garden Opens

    WPC Garden

    Members of the Summit Education Foundation were thrilled to attend the Wilson Primary Center Garden Opening Celebration today.  SEF awarded a grant to Wilson teachers Susan Clamser and Anne Paris to create an outdoor learning environment for the preschool and kindergarten students.  Sustainable New Jersey and Atlantic Healthy Schools also contributed grant money to this project.  The Wilson students participated in the ceremony and each class prepared a banner and presented it during the ceremony to decorate the outside fence of the garden.  After the ribbon cutting the faculty and students sang “This Land is Your Land” to conclude the ceremony.  It was a beautiful day to open a garden!

  • Lady Gaga Keyboard Player Visits SHS

    Brockett Parsons

    The Summit Education Foundation launched its newly endowed Arthur C. McCann Speaker Series with a visit from Brockett Parsons, keyboard player for Lady Gaga and Summit High School alum. Parsons spent two days with musicians at Summit High School. Many students across musical disciplines benefitted from his musical expertise. Parsons worked with the Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Concert Band, Women’s Chorus, Chamber Choir and SHS singers and songwriters.

    This endowment was named in honor of retired Summit High School English teacher Arthur McCann. Nicholas Stephens, Summit High School Class of 1972, donated $50,000 to the Summit Educational foundation to establish this ongoing series to recognize his former teacher. Mr. McCann is remembered fondly by Stephens and other students as a dynamic and caring teacher who had lasting impact on them. 

    The Brockett Parsons grant was written by Summit High School band teacher Alex Bocchino. Each year, through SEF’s regular grant process, the Arthur C. McCann Speaker Series Endowment will be used to bring speakers on various academic subjects to students at the Summit Public Schools. To learn more about the endowment, visit the SEF website at www.sefnj.org.


  • Secret Stories Have Lincoln Hubbard Second Graders Hooked

    Secret Stories

    Secret Stories have our second graders completely hooked! This program teaches the students how the English language works thru Secret Stories to small groups. One example of how we are teaching the students more details about the alphabet is by disguising that vowels have superpowers.  We show them that vowels are the only letters in the alphabet that can actually say their own name, or long vowel sounds, and because of this they need a disguise of short vowel sounds so the other letters don’t get too jealous. As a class, we have practiced the Better Alphabet song, which teaches students the sounds the letters make. In reflecting on the Better Alphabet song, one second grade student said: “The vowels get more stuck in my head every time I hear it. And, it reminds me that the consonants have other sounds.”

  • Summit Educational Foundation Wins
    "Outstanding Education Foundation" Award 
    From New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership

    We are thrilled to announce the Summit Educational Foundation was selected as the first "Outstanding Education Foundation" by the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership. SEF received this award based on its longstanding and significant financial support to Summit Public Schools.  "SEF's comprehensive grants, community outreach and involvement have demonstrated a commitment that reached beyond the classroom walls, impacting the community and district in a multi-faceted approach," were the opening remarks of the Event Chair who went on to highlight many of SEF's historical successes and accomplishments, as well as read some of the letter of support from Superintendent Chang.  Six of our twenty-one Board members attended a luncheon on April 20, 2018 to receive the award.

    SEF Award  

  • [ALERT]  

     SEF Announces Fall 2019 Grants

    The Summit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce our grant awards for the 2019 fall grant cycle. With generous support from our member families, the Foundation was able to approve funding for 60 grants, totaling over $180,000!

    The District, Elementary, Middle and High School levels received grants totaling $21,700, $123,886, $9,695, $25,218.


    A full list of approved fall 2019 grants is available here.

    Together we are Creating Possible! 


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  • In Their Words

    "It was a really nice way to spend a Saturday.  I especially liked the Home Depot building because it was a neat way for kids to be able to build on their own."  Ella Fisk, 4th Grader at Jefferson, about the SEF sponsored Steam Carnival.  Click here to view photos from this event.
    "My 7th Grade Health Class loved the Breakout Edu experience of using their combined knowledge to solve cross-curricular problems in a non-traditional manner.  The students frantically looked around the room for hidden puzzles, clues and backlight messages that directed them to the codes they needed to break open the box.  Students worked together to solve the puzzles before the timer expired. This interactive mission reinforced the health material in a fun manner that involved all students.  We will definitely be using the Breakout Edu kit again! -- Danielle DeGraw
     Coding is an activity for students to have fun with, to fail and not have a grade attached.  From an A+ student to a non-A+ student, all can find success in it." - Megan Hartley, Librarian at LCJSMS, about the CS First Coding Club funded by SEF
    “The Chromebooks help make the learning more student-centered, in that the teacher is putting up work for students to do, and then they’re responsible for working through it, often several tasks at their own pace. What is being created is an effective digital learning environment.” -- Jim Woods, Social Studies Supervisor, Summit High School, remarking on the SEF-funded Chromebooks at SHS 
    "It is a lot easier to turn in assignments." A. G.  
    "You can do homework on the go." S. D.
    "Can’t lose information or paper. I am much more organized." W. L.
    “I love my Chromebook.”      N. S.
    -- Summit High School students expressing their enthusiasm about the Chromebooks


    "We enjoy implementing the program every day, mostly to begin our mornings. My class "DJs" enjoy having the special job of facilitating the music daily. I find it helps calm our moods and stress levels. Thank you very much to SEF for providing us with the gift of music."  --Lori Alfone, 3rd Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary Teacher
    "The Science Research Program gives me the unique opportunity to explore my interests in depth, which I would be unable to do otherwise.  I have been able to research a topic that I'm interested in and create an authentic project around it.  Going to the science fairs was an excellent experience."
    Kristin Miller, 11th grade