• Endowment Fund Distributes Close to $106,000 for Fall 2012 Grant Cycle

    We are excited to have been able to partially fund four grants from the Endowment Fund this fall. In line with our Endowment Fund criteria, these grants are forward thinking and bring innovation into the curriculum and classrooms. 
    • 21st Century Classroom:
    All nine LCJSMS Language Arts classrooms will be transformed into collaborative learning environments.  This enables the ‘21st century learning model’ in which our teachers have been trained to be complete.  This grant will empower teachers to facilitate active, student-centered learning in addition to providing the best options for small group lessons.  Please see the video below for a glimpse into what this grant will provide for all of our LCJSMS students.
    • On-line Zoology:

     An on-line elective course in zoology will be created and offered at SHS.  The curricula will be delivered to students via Google Drive, Camtasia tutorials and other resources will enhance 21st century skills by providing an option for students to work outside the structure of the “normal” school day.

    • College Specialist:
    This new position at SHS, “College Specialist”, is being created to enhance the guidance department’s effort to place students into colleges and universities that recognize our students’ full potential and achievements by opening the doors wider at an ever-broader range of colleges and universities.  Internally this specialist will support the counselors in their role as college advisors working with both students and parents.  Externally the specialist will promote and market SHS to college admissions officers around the country and foster long-term relationships between these colleges and SHS.


    • Science Research Coordinator:
    Designed as the second phase in the creation of a robust Science Research Program, the new ‘Science Research Coordinator’ at SHS will serve as liaison between our research students (currently 20) and local science-related professionals who will serve as mentors.  Ideally, by establishing relationships with outside contacts, the research coordinator will enable us to take the program to the next level and put SHS on track with the country’s most successful high school science research programs.