How We Get It All Done

As you can imagine, in order to manage an organization that raises nearly $500,000 a year, reviews approximately 100 grants a year, and is constantly trying to raise awareness of its efforts, hundreds of volunteers are needed. In addition to our board positions, several committees have been established to further our efforts.

The Grant Committees: Amy D'Andrea, Chair Sue Thatch, Asst Chair

Grant committees meet four times during the year to review, evaluate, and vote on grants submitted by the district, teachers, and parents. Grant committees are organized by grade levels with an elementary, middle school, and high school committee. All committees are overseen by the Grants Chair, Diana Sajer. To understand how grants are evaluated, click here for more information.

Elementary Grant Committee

*indicates teacher
Ian Bell* - J Samantha Heimple - B Loreli Stochaj* - F
Kathy Clark - J Lindsay Rosoff - J Meghan Terry - B
Sharyn Colon - W Megan Schnall - W Heather Thomas - LH
Rob Gannon* - B
Jennifer Shunk - F
Nina Tiger - LH
Scott Hammer - LH Jenna Smith - W Susan Yarad - F


Middle and High School Grant Committee
Maggie Bauman
Amy DiSibio
Kristen Lumelleau
Gene Bebout MaryBeth Driscoll Trish Murphy
Laura Benevento
Amanda Greenblatt Kevin Schauer*
Shari CompetielloJennifer HodgesJohn Shipley*
Karen Cotter* Lori IngermanRandy Wallock*
Charlie Cusamano
Beth Little 

The Audit Committee: Chaired by Jeff Giroux

The Audit Committee oversees proper external review of the audited financial statements, as well as SEF’s risk management to include monitoring the internal control environment. Each member shall be free of any relationship that would interfere with his or her individual exercise of independent judgment.
Gene Bebout Karen Bowman

The Investment Committee: Chaired by Yon Cho

The purpose of this committee is to oversea the investment of the endowment assets. Currently, the committee is comprised of a chairman, and three members, plus the assistant treasurer of SEF and its co-presidents. The endowment assets are invested as a balanced portfolio.
Michael Garvey Caroline Maldonado Beth Sharpe
The Development Committee: Chaired by Christine Murray

The Development Committee works to raise awareness of SEF's investment in our public schools and to encourage community support for SEF through contributions and attendance at our annual fundraiser events. They meet throughout the year to determine the direction and strategy for SEF's development process.

Amanda GreenblattBeth LittleLaura Schaffer
The Events Committee:  Co-Chaired by Jennifer Anderson, Kelly Iacovelli

This committee is responsible for the management of special events for SEF, organizing the annual Partner's Night event, and advising and supporting the Casino Night chairs for the annual Casino Night Fundraiser.
Amy Wise 
The Communication Committee: Chaired by Julie Kimmel

This committee provides content for our annual solicitation, newsletter, and thank you communications. The committee also prepares and distributes press releases and maintains social media and website communications with parents and the community.
 Nicky Chin Irene Esposito Sonia Timoney, Webmaster