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We believe all Summit’s students should be exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities that prepare them for educational and occupational success. Simply put, school budgets are tight, and SEF enables teachers and administrators to do more. We are grateful to all families who support SEF – no matter the amount, your donation is critical.


We would like to thank the 640 donors who contributed during the 2021-2022 fiscal year (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022). These donations include those made to our Annual Fund and/or our Endowment Fund.

Greater Than $10,000

Rob and Nora Radest

Tyler and Lindsey Rhoten

$5,000 - $9,999

William and Kimberley Artemenko

Al and Lori Leiter

Chip and Jessica Lemkau

Aamir and Amy Malik

Brian and Christine Murray

David Ophel

Waseem Petroleum Inc

Evan and Maria Williams

$2,500 - $4,999

Michael and Lesley Arlein

Martin Burke and Jessica Oppenheim

Manlio and Meghan Carrelli

Yon and Francie Cho

Scott and Susan Daniel

Paul Formichelli and Carolyn Kiley

John and Catherine Liguori

Gregory and Holly Moller

Peter and Lauren Pardo

Michael and Dawn Rempell

Stephen and Heather Thomas

Cary and Peggy Wong

$1,000 - $2,499


Patrick and Lisa Allen

Daniel and Wendy Barber

Jeff and Maggie Bauman

Ryan and Caroline Bell

Bryan and Sandra Benjamin

Tom and Patty Butler

James and Margaret Campbell

Mark and Karen Caplan

James Christ

Brian and Lynne Clapp

Matthew and Tracy Claus

Dean and Karen Criares

Dennis and Christine D'Agostino

John and Jodelle Devaney

Francoise Dix

John and Brenda Doherty

Christopher and Sarah Dorsett

James and Jennifer Easton

Oludayo and Okulaja Egbetola

Willem and Leah Enthoven

Timothy and Jennifer Erday

Michael and Allison Fagan

Kimberly Fox

Jim and Sonja Gamgort

Michael and Lauren Garvey

Gregory and Leah Gerstner

Wolfgang Guenther and Monica Richter

Michael and Ashleigh Gunter

Dean and Suzanne Henry

Michael and Jill Hoefs

Robert and Denise Holmes

John Hopman and Bernadette Miragliotta

Minor and Susan Huffman

Alex Karapetian and Leslie Azarian

Paul Kovacs and Andrea Vasady-Kovacs

William and Courtney Kumpf

Andrew and Mariah LeBlanc

Leo Liu and Jiaying Zhang

Richard and Kristin Lumelleau

Thomas and Alison MacMillan

Stephen and Kiera Mathey

Robert and Betsy McCeney

Patrick and Kim McGovern

Brendan and Jennifer Moore

Mark Negus and Tara Ferris

Liadan O'Callaghan

Henrik and Donna Patel

Peerless Beverage Co.

Frank and Maura Perier

Jordan and Stephanie Phiebig

Kenneth Plocharski and Jennifer Foxson

David and Kristin Pustylnik

David Ray and Julie Boas

Scott and Diana Sajer

Jeffrey and Laura Schaffer

Mark and Alison Schilsky

Sean and Emily Seamone

Patrick and Kristen Shallcross

Eric Silvestri and Emily Sheridan

Norman and Sally Spencer

Doug and Donna St. Amant

Sue Adler Team

Steven and Lindsay Swan

Claire Toth and David Dietze

Rene and Michelle Veloso

Zhe Wang and Zhengrong Lu

Rick and Deepa Whipple

Brian and Deborah Zucker

$500 - $999

Robert and Angie Abernathy

Daniel and Jean Apruzzese

Jonathan and Milissa Aronson

Colin and Line Barlow

Charles and Kari Barreneche

Thomas and Torie Bligh

James and Laura Buccola

Amy Burke

Michael and Allison Busam

Christopher Camisa and Maureen Tieman

John and Susan Campbell

Paul and Jacqueline Cassidy

Timothy and Caroline Chick

Andrew and Danielle Chizzik

Keith Cowing and Theresa Liu

Ronald and Sharon de Gier

June DeFabio

Joe and Claire DeLong

Carl and Darci DeMuth

Zak and Kate DeOssie

Henry Dillon and Jodi Campbell

David and Nev Dipetrillo

Matthew and Emily Dolan

Damien and Stacy Donck

Craig and Sarah Edgar

Jonathan and Pia Erman

Eric and Elizabeth Flaim

David and Jennifer Fosgate

Kyle Fritz and Victoria Hsiao-Tsung

Rob and Angela Gannon

Thomas and Mary Garvey

Jeffrey and Collyn Gilbert

Todd and Lisa Glasband

Jonathan Goldberg and Jillian Benda-Goldberg

Donald and Lisa Grennon

Peter and Heather Grondin

Richard and Jessica Gruber

David and Kelly Haire

Jerry and Amy Harris

James and Kim Hiesener

Lauren Holt

Josh and Suzanne Howe

Robert and Jennifer Jones

Greg and Lindsay Karcich

Philip and Ashleigh Koss

Pascal and Margot Lalonde

Paul and Laura Lameo

Robert Lazovick

Jason and Karen Lemme

Jason and Megan Marine

Eduardo and Rene Martinez

Elmer and Jennifer Matthews

Jason and Catherine Maurer

John and Betsy Mell

Richard and Key Michel

Doug and Jen Milnes

David Mollin and Vanessa Primack

Andrew and Thea Moore

Kevin and Rebecca Morano

James and Karen Nicely

Ted and Lisa Parkes

Clark and Hadley Peterson

Daniel and Jamie Platt

Graham and Kerry Relf

Tom and Megan Rende

Ben Rendleman and Maureen McLoughlin

Brian and Philippa Riley

Bill and Amy Robb

Declan and Rebecca Ryan

Charles and Jennifer Salzman

Tarit and Stephanie Sen

Scott Silver and Gemma Davies

Brian and Teresa Solano

Peter and Stephanie Spinner

Richard and Elizabeth Stockton

David and Mica Sylvester

Trevor and Ashley Taylor

Tea & Oranges LLC

John and Haley Telling

Petr and Monika Vachal

Cheryle Vela

Robert and Jennifer Walker

Scott and Amanda Wipperman

Matthew and Lauren Zimmerman

$250 - $499

Joshua and Nicole Alexander

Brian and Erika Ascher

Matthew Bender

Michael and Adrienne Berk

Richard and Donna Brandt

Kevin and Alicia Broughel

Stephen and Beverly Brown

John and Kelly Bunting

Andrew and Lori Bush

Michael and Kerri Cain

Kevin and Dagmar Chiella

Scott and Kathy Clark

Paul and Stacie Collins

Michael and Sharyn Colon

Michael and Karly Connors

Brian and Noreen Conway

Matt and Melissa Cooper

John and Jennifer Creel

James and Erin Da Silva

Brian and Courtney Dailey

Doug and Erin Davies

Adam and Lauren Decker

Kevin and Kerry Dillon

Bromley and Natalie Dougherty

Diane Dresdale

Rick and Julie Ducey

Brendan and Laura Dugan

Stephen and Meghan Duttenhofer

Jonathan and Abigail Emerson

Peter and Jodi Englert

Jennifer Ermentrout

Douglas and Elizabeth Febo

Kevin and Meghan Feehan

David and Debbie Fietz

Jason and Lisa Filiberti

Jeff and Karin Gale

James and Slater Gillin

Michael and Gillian Glavan

David and Tanya Glickman

Jeff and Heather Gruccio

Eric and Elyssa Guthoff

Will and Hannah Harbaugh

Jason and Beth Harness

Michael and Catherine Hartevelt

Rick and Norma Hauer

Richard and Meredith Herman

Jason and Jennifer Hicks

Jeffrey and Jodi Hiller

Bret and Davida Hogan

Avi and Abby Horev

Carl and Sarah Hoyler

Michael and Grier Hynes

Mike and Katie Jesionowski

Arpita Jindani and Vishal Jain

Jill Johnson

Allan and Heather Johnston

Thomas Jones and Julie Armour

Clinton and Kourtney Matter

Kevin and Ekaterina Mazo

Edward and Francesca McBride

Stephen and Sarah-Jane McColl

Tim and Christine McDonagh

Parul Mehrotra and Amit Jajoo

Mark and Erika Melchiorre

Bill and Aimee Messer

Norman Minnear and Rita Ku

Michael and Katie Mucci

Michael and Meghan Naso

Edward and Patricia Natale

Carson Ng

Andrew and Erica Kazior

William and Marylisa Kein

Peter and Lorraine Kelly

Daniel and Lisa Kessler

Chau Khanh and Kaye Li

Bryan and Erika Kievit

Kevin and Blair Kimmel

Laura Korfmann

Matt and Thea Kovarik

Jon and Mary Krunnfusz

Bernie Kuo and Claudine Celebuski

David Landman and Chantal Garcia

Julie Lanzone

John Lawton and Heidi Russell

Rob and Kim Lecky

Benjamin and Stephanie Lehrhoff

Darren and Ellen Lehrich

Todd and Nancy Lenart

Jeffrey and Maureen Leuenberger

Alexey and Helena Levkov

Stephen Lines and Hannah Payne

Scott Loikits

Michael and Katelyn Luke

Will and Tricia Macgill

Robert and Melissa Madden

David and Lindsay Mader

Arthur and Julie Makris

Jeremy and Liliane Markowitz

Alexander Ngo and Jennifer Epperlein

Richard and Nicole Nicholson

Devin and Keryn Nomellini

Craig Noxon and Lori Schleicher

Charles and Marnie O'Connell

Page O'Connell

Jeffrey and Lisa O'Connor

John Oh and Yeon Shim

Jason and Elizabeth Orben

James and Cecelia ORourke

Michael Padovano and Monika Dralle

Benjamin and Kerri Peto

Byron and Dena Peyster

Matthew Porpora and Caitlin Loeffler

Matthew and Lauren Post

Peter and Jill Raskin

Ron Redmerski and Camellia Lowry

Christopher and Hillary Reilly

Chris and Annette Ricciuti

Kenneth and Lisa Rieger

Marc and Amy Rind

J. Rodman and Eden Wells

Jerry and Teal Rodriguez

Andrea Rosen

Jason and Alexandra Rosenbaum

Justin and Lee Sadrian

Bruce Schachne and Ina Willers

David and Irina Schneid

Andrew and Ivonne Schwarzmann

Joshua and April Schwimmer

Brian and Christine Semcer

Leonard and Jessica Shin

Conway and Elaine Shui

David and Colleen Silk

Stephen and Daica Skrobala

Peter and Alexis Sommers

Robert and Kelly Stanton

Robert and Kristen Staub

Andre Stefanini and Luciana Pailo

Rory and Jo Steinel

Paul and Dana Stern

Robert and Karly Strickler

Summit House

David and Susan Thatch

The Red Balloon

Beth Thomas

Marc and Kristin Tiano

David and Christina Torell

Matthew and Rachel Vamvakis

Steven and Alyssa Vazquez

Stephen and Tara Viscovich

Benjamin and Sarah Walker

Juan Webster and Maria Malpica

Christopher and Jessica Whitehorne

Gary and Meredith Wu

Hongwei Wu and Bo Hong

Dominik Zurakowski and Aimee Sostowski

$100 - $249

A to Zoom

Thomas and Nicole Abbott

Jason and Jennifer Adel

Christopher and Courtney Alberta

Juan Aller and Sandra Clarke

Jose Alvarez and Jennifer Balson

Scott and Caren Ammaturo

Louis and Erin Aurelio

John and Shannon Babineau

Doreen Babis

Andrew and Rana Barclay

Christopher and Traci Basaman

Eduardo and Heliane Bastos

Matthew and Kathryn Battistella

Christian Bialka and Laura Magnani

Edward Bien and Hazel Lee

Andrej and Zvezdana Bogojevic

Michael and Alicia Bohlinger

Peter and Jill Borst

Todd and Elizabeth Branchflower

Calvin and Anne Burke

Laurene Callander

Stacy Callaway

Osvaldo and Carolina Canavosio

Brian Carpenter and Michelle Miller

Alexander and Kimberly Cauchon

Glyne and Anna Chapman

Li Chen and Jenny Sheng

Cheuk Chiu and Chui Shan Ma

David and Christina Cogan

Douglas and Beth Cohen

Dennis and Caroline Collins

Liam and Amy Collins

Chris Cordaro and Nicole Castronuovo

Sandra Cruz

Robert Cukierman and Rebecca Werbel

Anthony Cullen and Joyce Yao

David and Marla DeRobbio

Casey and Rachel Diekman

David Dietze and Claire Toth

Bruce and Meghan Donaldson

Dhimant and Asmi Doshi

Marius and Rodica Draghici

Krisna Duong-Ly

Peter and Dolores Eliot

Vadim Farberov and Galina Ioffe

Christopher and Esther Fernando

Fabrizio and Sophie Ferronato

Robert Feuerstake and Ana Robic

Michael and Brianne Finnegan

Chuck Fox

Brad and Gwen Franco

Barry and Elizabeth Freeman

Joe and Meg Gabriele

Brian and Dorrie Gagnon

Jay Garrels and Alison Furman

Steve Ge and Joy Qiao

Justin and Catherine Gingeleskie

Nicholas and Karly Giorgi

Walter and Kristy Gonzalez

Michael and Erin Gonzalez

Brian and Monique Goodwin

Seth and Andrea Goren

Michael and Emese Gormley

Mark and Ellen Goudreau

Jordan and Maggie Greene

Lisbeth Hadingham

Robert and January Hagan

Matthew and Meme Harris

Patricia Hasse

Terence Hayes

Matt and Debbie Hayford

Brian and Geraldine Healy

Mark and Laura Heil

Hollister and Amy Herhold

Scott and Caroline Heyer

Michael and Liz Hickey

Chad and Kelly Hillyer

Diego Hoic and Amalia Londono

Scott Hough

Morrene Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobson

Komal Jafar

Derek Jess

Kathleen Jessup

Jamal Jumani

Myles and Michelle Kalmanson

Mehul and Reha Kamdar

Dana Kane

Shelia Kaushik

Alev Kaya and Suresh Kumar

James and Kathryn Keenan

Michael and Jamie Kessel

Delband Khodadad and Ali Dadgar

Ilias Kifnidis and Kliopatra Vrontos

Ronald and Milana Kim

Justin and Traci Kleinman

Gregory and Emily Klobucar

Joshua Koeing and Rina Vazirani

Jeffrey and Kristen Krieger

Jayme and Emily La Jeunesse

Steven Landgraber and TL Demeola

Jack and Sarah Lavin

Jackson and Tao Lee

James and Allison Lees

Carmine and Kathleen Lencsak

Joshua Levine

Jing Li and Huayong Zhou

Kristian and Natalie Lind

Michael Loeloff and Catherine Elias

Brian and Madalena MacArthur

Khurrum and Erica Malik

Crystal Marr

John and Deja Martini

Mike and Andrea Mather

Bob Mauriello

Paul and Amanda McConnon

Todd and Debra McGarity

David and Lois Melka

Martin and Tara Millman

Robert and Kim Minero

George and Susan Monserrat

Emiliono Morales

Ryan and Victoria Mottesheard

Brian and Suzi Mueller

Brian and Andrea Mullan

Christopher and Rebecca Murphy

Murray & Finn, LLC

Bablu Naidu and Andrea Stein

Andrew and Cara Natale

Christopher and Kate Nealon

Mark and Rebecca Nicholls

Lauren Niesenson

Thomas and Meredith Nolen

Joseph and Lynley Noviello

Lance and Betsy O'Brien

Richard and Karen O'Connell

Matthew and Kelly O'Kelly

Craig and Jill Olman

AJ Pandya and Punita Misra

Adam and Nicole Perry

Glen Petraglia and Carolyn McKibbin

Robert and Melissa Phillips

Keith and Sharone Poopor

Teocarlo and Sonia Pulgar

Andres and Barbara Quesada

Mike and Kara Reheis

James and Jennifer Reilly

Joshua Reimold and Bonnie Park

Albert Reising and Danielle Sonye-Reising

Jeffrey and Rachel Richter

Thomas Ripsam and Kathleen Walsh

Charlie and Sarah Robertson

Brian and Elizabeth Robinson

Kenneth and Jennifer Roller

Andrew Ruffino and Karen Fallowes

Thomas and Allison Sabol

Pablo and Patrice Sala

Madhav and Anuja Sathe

Timothy and Megan Schnall

James and Julie Schroeder

Thomas and Kristin Schroeder

John and Lisa Semsel

Chifumi Shibanuma

Abhaya and Reva Shrestha

Daniel and Hazel Siegel

Silver Lining

Stephen and Amy Smoragiewicz

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Somerlot

Michelle Spencer

Brian and Emily Sraniszewski

David Stevenson and Toria Garrett

Aileen Stocks

Scott and Maricel Stoveken

Jeffrey and Ariele Sullivan

James and Caroline Sullivan

Sweet Nothings

Cara Talty

Terry and Juli Thompson

Howard and Holly Vegter

Phil and Sarah Vehap

Anthony and Karen Vitale

Richard and Michelle Wallach

Bevin Walsh

Michael Walsh and Judith McCarthy

Fred Wang and Lynn Li

Clyde and Victoria Wardle

Andrew and Denielle Webb

Michael and Stacy Weinstein

Christopher and Kara Whitely

Anne Whitman

Vincent and Jennifer Wicelinski

Willow Street

Qing and Qian Li Xue

Weimin Yang and Fa Shuangqing

Timothy and Suzanne Yarnall

Michael and Becky Zacharias

Christopher and Miriam Zahn

Ying Zhang and Xiaofeng Mi

Up to $99

Douglas and Penelope Adams

Ara and Kristen Akian

Dennis and Annabelle Balasabas

Evan and Carrie Bashoff

Cindy Blanco-Pena

Daniel and Cheryl Brown

Alexey Butyrev

Michael and Patricia Cantone

Diego and Maria Carranza

Neil and Joanna Chladek

Harry and Casey Cohen

Brian and Vanessa Cohen

Tod Costikyan and Sylvia Lebron

Kristina Davletshina

Jeffrey and Andrea Dawson

Saugat Dhar and Jayita Saha

Steve and Kimberly Dripchak

Justin and Amy Drysdale

Alex and Michelle Duncan

Craig Engler and Victoria Marano

Renee Ennis

John and Melinda Fleissner

Meredith Fontecchio

Erik and Michelle Frei

Trevor and Karen Fusaro

Chetan and Kathryn Gandhi

David and Heather Gittleman

Dean and Kathryn Goldberg

Ben and Molly Golden

Lizbeth Gomez Ortiz

Scott Gordon and Karen Gluck

William and Ingrid Gordon

Eric Gutshall

Glenn Harrison and Lauren Peterson

Panagiotis and Lisa Hatsis

John and Katherine Hellings

Michael Herring

Shengbo Huang and Jia Song

Joshua and Mindy Huber

David and Lisa Indelicato

Michael and Rachel Innes

Jose Jimenez

Jamie and Robin Kanterman

Phil and Sherri Kantor

Johan and Meghan Kim

Matthew and Elieen Kohaut

Despina Konstas

Jeffrey and Maureen Kurek

Hyeok Jun Kwon and Jeongin Kim

Glenmore and Marcelina Lasam

Lamia Lazhar

Joshua Lerner and Nina Stratt

Joel and Rebecca Levington

Mario Lopez and Jennifer Beita

Craig and Shannon Louiselle

Peter and Mary Malloy

Jose and Giselle Maria

Tshi Mbuyi and Anna Fairclough

Erin and Debra McCann

James McFadden and Ellen Doogan

Michael and Julie McTernan

Dimitrije and Deborah Medenica

Sonia Mejia

Nicholas Menzorio and Betty Fan Yu

Jalpa Merchant

Jorge Mora

Ramon Navarro and Maria Bernardo

Dan and Melissa Nelson

Andrew and Maribeth Noonan

Jerome and Roxanne O'Brien

Shane and Michelle O'Driscoll

Zander and Elizabeth Oldendorp

Sitaram Pal

Blair Pennington

Richard and Kerry Penque

Oliver and Ariane Pfaff

Leo and Sandra Picado

Heidi Pineda-Rodriguez

Eric and Amy Przybylko

Aravind Raman and Meera Hariharan

Gabriel Retoina

Jesse and Myrene Reyes

Jacqueline Ricciani

Michael Rizzo and Julie Calderon-Rizzo

David and Kshama Roberts

Claire Robinson

Alexander and Jessica Rodriguez

Albert and Maritza Rojas

Todd and Runa Rosenfield

Zachary and Shaun Rosenow

Joe and Lauren Ruggiero

Randy Rutherford and Karen Raihofer

Omer and Aysegul Sabuncu

Leonard and Danielle Sallahian

Rita Seidl

John and Carolyn Semler

Alex and Anna Shapiro

Adrienne Shiffman

Eric and Dara Silverberg

Wade and Heather Speas

Kevin and Elizabeth Spellman

Jeff and Jennifer Ufberg

Ken and Julie Vlass

Xia Wang

Mark and Erin Weinberg

David and Breene Wesson

Drayton and Amy Wise

Junjie Yang and Jianping Chen

Lingtao Yu and Judy Zhang

Dmitry Yurkov and Irina Silaeva

Anthony and Jennifer Zahtila

Wen Zhu and Ping Xia

Ryan Zona

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