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Summit Educational Foundation (SEF) welcomes grant proposals from any Summit Public School staff member.

We encourage collaboration across schools, grades, and departments.


  • Bring innovation to academic programs, support student growth or provide staff development.

  • Enhance the current curriculum and educational structure of the Summit Public Schools.   

  • Reflect the goals of the Summit Board of Education.

  • Include metrics to measure project success and can be replicated if successful.


  • Grants that replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding of school programs.

  • Grants submitted by an outside party that do not collaborate with a district staff member.

  • Substitute teachers or stipends above the SEA contract rate.

  • Generally, transportation, lodging, food, field trips, consumable classroom materials and t-shirts.

Grant Deadlines

Oct. 15 (awarded in December) and March 15 (awarded in May).

Percussion Assembly - Rolando Morals-Matos.png
Art Class


1. Thoroughly review the SEF application guidelines - SEF works closely with the Summit Board of Education and grants must be consistent with their objectives.

2. All grant applications must be approved by your building Principal.

  • TIP: Be prepared to show the grant purpose and how it supports district goals, an implementation plan, district-approved vendor, and cost details.

  • NOTE: Depending on the grant category, your Principal may also discuss your proposal with the District Director of Curriculum + Instruction, Technology Director, Building & Grounds Director, and/or the Business Office for final recommendation.      


3. At the elementary level, author visit grants must come from the librarian and involve two or more schools.


1. All grant applications must include an itemized quote from a district-approved vendor

  • Contact your building secretary for a list of district-approved vendors

  • NOTE: Per updated district guidelines, if any item within a grant application exceeds $6600, obtain (3) itemized quotes when possible to ensure the best pricing

  • Include the quote(s) in pdf form on your application AND the item detail for the preferred vendor 

  • TIP: Searching for pricing on website/shopping cart does not provide precise pricing      


2. Include all shipping and handling costs in your quote

3. Do not include tax costs on your quote (the district is tax-exempt).

4. When possible, lock-in pricing for 90 days to account for grant application and approval process timing.  

  • TIP: Notify vendors that the earliest purchases will be made 3 months from the time of the quote in order to maximize the price lock.

  • NOTE: Amazon orders MUST have prior approval from the Business Office.

  1. ​Grant applications are submitted online here                                                                                                                            

  2. Attach supporting documentation in pdf form.                                                                                                                      

  3. If you need help, reach out to our Grants Chair or your school SEF Representative.                                                                            

  4. Grant Deadlines are October 15 and March 15. Late grants are not considered.

  1. All grants go through a four-step review process.                                                                                                   

  2. A volunteer SEF Link will reach out to ask questions and learn more about your grant request. This is your chance to go into more detail and share your passion for the grant. The Link will report back to the Grants Committee.                         

  3. Grants are awarded at the December and May Board of Education meetings. Funds are available for 18 months after approval unless the grant specifies a multi-year expense.

Grant submitted by deadline.

 All grants reviewed with Superintendent and other district staff.

Grants Committee Meets SEF Link assigned

 Link contacts applicant with questions and reports back to Committee

Committee recommends grants to SEF Board

SEF Board reviews recommendations and votes

SEF presents approved grants to the Board of Education

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