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Q&A with Superintendent Hough

We asked Superintendent Hough what makes SEF's Support of Summit Public Schools unique

What kind of impact have you seen from SEF since you joined?

The impact SEF has on our District is immeasurable. Since joining Summit Public Schools as Superintendent, I have seen a strong partnership built on a shared vision to provide our children with whatever they need to be successful. I began my role as Superintendent during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted every single school district in the country. While many schools were limited in resources and funding, SEF asked us without a second thought “how can we help” and that was incredible for me to see during such an uncertain time.

How has SEF supported the district’s initiatives during COVID?

SEF’s support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental for our students and staff. SEF provided funding for portable voice amplification microphones so students, both in-person and remote, could hear our teachers and staff loud and clear. SEF also funded the purchases of nearly 300 document cameras for teachers district-wide to project work from their desks so all students could easily see what was happening in the classroom. Grants from SEF also allowed virtual author visits, which provided students the opportunity to have guest speakers, without compromising health and safety. All of these grants were integral in our success during remote learning and teachers continue to use the resources today.

What does SEF mean to you and the teachers throughout the district?

The SEF is an incredible resource for our teachers and staff members. To have a vision to improve the educational experience for our students is one thing, but to have such a generous organization like SEF ready and eager to support the vision and mission is invaluable for our teachers. SEF means so much to all of us, and the students and families see firsthand how the grants enhance the learning experience in Summit Public Schools.

Give us your thoughts on any of the grants you’ve seen in action?

I could go on and on about the grants I’ve seen in action in our schools. One of the more recent ones would be the weight room at the High School. Prior to SEF funding, the weight room was filled with old, beat up equipment such as torn benches and cardio machines that were constantly out for repair. The platforms for the racks were raised, which became a tripping hazard. Thanks to our partnership with SEF, we now have brand new state-of-the-art cardio equipment. We have received tremendously positive reviews about the treadmills and ellipticals. We are still waiting on much of the free weight equipment to arrive. It is going to look tremendous. Additional grants I’ve seen in action include our peer leadership program at the High School, robotics and coding resources at our primary and elementary schools, and flexible seating in many of our classrooms. These grants fully support and complement our District goals and mission.


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