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Summit Educational Foundation Awards Fall 2021 Grants of Over $183,000

The Summit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce our grant awards for the 2021 fall grant cycle. The Foundation approved funding for 33 grants across the school district totaling over $183,000 with generous support from our community. Our volunteer committees were excited to see a robust grant cycle, a sign that our schools are getting back to normal operations. Impacting students in all 9 schools, many grants are pilots that can be spread throughout the district in the future. After 35 years, SEF grants continue to "Create Possible" for our students!

A sampling of the approved grants include:

Across Schools

  • 1-year, unlimited access for a certified therapy-dog available to support academic, emotional, and behavioral needs of students at Franklin School, LCJSMS, and SHS. $1,600

  • Provide logic and reasoning games available to all students, in all five elementary schools to help strengthen critical thinking, resilience, and persistence skills. $780

  • 1-year site license for Mote at LCJSMS & SHS, which provides voice comments / audio content to shared documents and includes transcription in more than 20 languages and STEM mode (for mathematical and scientific languages). $3,486

Elementary Schools

  • Provide “Shifting the Balance” books to all district kindergarten - 2nd grade teachers for an upcoming professional development training. $2,400

  • Create a fully-stocked art center and art library in each of the 7 kindergarten classrooms at Wilson Primary Center. $7,822

  • Establish a ‘multi-sensory materials’ lending library in each Primary Center where teachers can access the tools to assist kindergartners who need additional help learning basic number skills. $1,394

  • Create a library of “high interest / low level” books for Washington School 3rd-5th grade students that are on topic with their peers, but targeted towards their appropriate reading level. $2,153

  • Provide furniture for a basic skills classroom at Jefferson School that gives students an escape from the traditional classroom setting. $3,761

  • The 4th grade at Washington School will combine art and math to ultimately build a larger than life geometric structure in this exciting STEAM project. $2,204.

  • Create individual “STEAM bins” for each Lincoln-Hubbard 3rd grade student to be used in activities that promote creativity and problem-solving skills. $4,330

  • A presentation and hands-on activity about the Lenape tribe from a Museum of Indian Culture educator for the 5th graders at Franklin School. $350

Middle School

  • Expand the selection of Manga book titles to support the popular genre at LCJSMS and newly formed Manga book club. $1,963

  • Continue support of the LCJSMS Peer Leadership Program that develops select 8th grade student ambassadors that lead programs throughout the school. $3,430

  • Provide FrontRow Juno FM Systems in all academic classrooms at LCJSMS to improve clarity of teacher instruction and decrease background noise. $64,800

  • Provide cultural entertainment with a live, 4-piece Mariachi band at this year’s popular Multicultural Night attended by LCJSMS students and their families. $1,600

High School

  • Offer a visiting artist workshop series aimed at utilizing working artists to deliver unique hands-on workshops for LCJSMS and SHS students in the disciplines of Raku, Portraiture, and Printmaking. $6,974

  • Redesign a math classroom at SHS to allow for flexible seating arrangements, small group lessons, differentiated instruction, discussion groups and collaborative learning. $15,675

A full list of approved Fall 2021 grants is available at:


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