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Summit Educational Foundation Awards Fall 2023 Grants of Over $165,000

Primary Centers

Multiple grants providing additional high quality, decodable texts for kindergarten,1st grade and ESL classrooms, further enhancing the classroom libraries with fiction and nonfiction books. $38,544

Elementary Schools

● Continuing SEF support of the highly popular therapy dog visits throughout the district, with multiple grants covering all schools in the district, including first time visits to Brayton. $7,000

Funding “Living Voices”, live performances for multiple grades at Brayton providing a dynamic, interactive experience of how the world looked, sounded, and felt during a significant time in history. $1,700

● Providing adjustable sit/stand desks for 5 classrooms in Lincoln-Hubbard and Washington school. These desks were previously piloted, with funding from SEFand were found to enhance student productivity and engagement. $52,583

● Promoting family literacy by supplying the Brayton library with bilingual and Spanish books for ESL students. These books will encourage independent reading in school and at home. $762

● Funding new sound systems for music, band, and orchestra rooms at all elementary schools. These versatile new systems will add functionality and flexibility to the music rooms and will impact every elementary student in the district. $9,828

● Providing sensory soothing and calming centers at Franklin and Washington schools, in the special area classrooms. $2,392

Middle School

●  Piloting a new, hands-on science curriculum for two units in 6th and 7th grades. If successful, this curriculum could be expanded to additional units in the future. $10,253

●  Funding new supplies and equipment for the popular middle school Photography Club. $4,921

●  Providing a subscription to Padlet for LCJSMS and SHS. Padlet is an online collaboration tool for creating dynamic and interactive learning environments. $5,000

High School

●  Funding a multi-day music residency with two industry professionals, one of whom is a Summit alum. Program will involve up to 250 SHS students over the two days. $4,800

●  Providing a subscription to Flangoo, a digital Spanish language library, to enhance learning in Spanish classes. $499

A full list of approved Fall 2023 grants is available at:


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