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Summit Educational Foundation Awards Spring 2024 Grants of over $470,000

The Summit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce our grant awards for the 2024 spring grant cycle. The Foundation was able to approve funding for 41 grants across the school district totaling over $470,000 to support goals in content areas of technology, learning environment, social-emotional learning, and achievement gap. A sampling of approved grants include:

Primary Centers & Elementary Schools

● Installing bilingual communication boards on both primary playgrounds to promote communication and social interaction among all students. $5,185

● Providing professional development training in the Science of Reading for all principals and lead administrators. $6,000

● Funding a continued subscription of Reflex Math for an additional 3 years engaging all elementary school students by using data to target areas of growth in fact fluency. $40,035

● Purchasing supplies for Washington’s full inclusion classrooms, giving students the tools they need to work in group and private settings. $2,108

● Funding math kits for all primary centers and elementary schools to support the achievement gap in number sense and problem-solving skills using concrete manipulative. $1,974

● Subscribing to Book Breaks for all elementary schools bringing 2-4 best-selling authors to schools each month via livestream. $4,600

● Providing flexible furniture for 3 Kindergarten classrooms at Wilson Primary as well as, “Sit-to-Stand” desks for the 4th grade at Lincoln-Hubbard to encourage collaborative and interactive learning. $61,124

● Transforming the Jefferson Library with comfortable and inviting flexible furniture. $4,593 ● Creating mobile math workspaces with magnetic whiteboards for Brayton students. $3,858 ● Supplying Front Row Juno FM systems for the remaining Franklin classrooms. These

systems were originally an SEF pilot and have proven successful. $10,843

Middle School & High School

●  Funding two STEAM teachers at the middle school over 2 years, significantly enhancing the quality of education and offerings at LCJSMS. $210,000

●  Improving LCJSMS ability to utilize data to design interventions and support with insights into all student’s needs and progress through a one-year pilot of Panorama’s Student Success Platform. $10,475

●  Sustaining the state tournament qualifying Science Olympiad Club at LCJSMS for $6,374

●  Funding the popular Peer Leadership program, which provides positive support to the

student body, while recognizing, growing, and developing student leaders. $3,820

●  Continuing to support important SEL programs at LCJSMS with the impactful 8th grade “Stephen Hill assembly”, “The Social Institute” technology tool that helps educators and parents to empower students and “Challenge Day” for 100 8th grade students. $27,000

●  Bringing in artist Maria de Los Angeles for a collaborative printmaking activity and artist

talk with ELL and upper-level art students at the high school. $5,185

●  Introducing The Science Olympiad Club at the high school by funding 2 teachers,

registration, and supplies. $7,847

  1. A full list of approved Spring 20024 grants is available at:


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