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Recycling in the Classroom


Grants are the core of SEF’s impact on the Summit Public Schools. SEF gets a variety of grant applications every year and we look for well-thought-out ideas which heighten the educational experience for students. There are two grant cycles each year, Fall and Spring, and educators and administrators have an opportunity to request grants that benefit struggling learners, gifted students, and everyone in between. To understand the areas of impact, grants are identified by key educational and enrichment categories.

Grants Awarded by Learning Category

5 year grant pie chart

* 5 Years 7/1/17 - 6/30/22


The documents below contain all grants approved and funded by cycle for the last several years across all schools. Brief descriptions of all grants are included. Simply click on the cycle you want to learn more about.

Grants Awarded by Grant Cycle

2022 FALL

Grants 26

Amount $236,378 


Grants 47

Amount $1,172,009

2021 FALL

Grants 33

Amount $183,192


Grants 41

Amount $542,509

2020 FALL

Grants 17

Amount $102,804


Grants 10

Amount $95,813

2020 SPRING 

 Grants 39

Amount $215,102

2019 FALL 

 Grants 60

Amount $180,499

2019 SPRING 

Grants 73

Amount $605,975

2018 FALL 

Grants 56

Amount $257,351

SEF Impact Video Testimonials 

Grants in Action
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