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Abigail Emerson honored by Summit Educational Foundation with 2023 Nora Radest Award

The Summit Educational Foundation is thrilled to honor district literacy coach, Abigail Emerson, as the 2023 winner of SEF’s Nora Radest Award for Excellence in Education. This prestigious award has been given annually since 2013 to a teacher or administrator who has submitted grants through the SEF process and, in so doing, has greatly enriched the classroom environment while serving as a role model to others in the district.

“Ms. Emerson is extremely deserving of this recognition. Throughout her 13 years in the district, she has authored or co-authored more than 40 grants to support various aspects of the learning experience. Abigail has been instrumental in the district’s re-engineering of how students learn to read through the science of reading” said Amy Burke, Outgoing President of Summit Educational Foundation. “We are excited to see Ms. Emerson’s continued involvement in SEF as the new district literacy coach.”

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